Case Study: How Nicholson Memorial Library System Leveraged BrainHQ™ to Improve Community-wide Brain Fitness Levels


When Nicholson Memorial Library System (TX) — a Demco Software customer serving a population of 232,000 — purchased BrainHQ, library leadership was so excited to offer its cardholders access to scientifically proven brain training. The library soon realized, however, that getting this valuable resource into the hands of its patrons would require thoughtful marketing and training.

Nicholson Memorial Library System was up for the challenge. The library system tripled its BrainHQ usage in just over a year, and made a memorable impact on its community.

Download this case study to learn the following:

  • How BrainHQ can benefit your entire community, from children to adults
  • How to build staff excitement around BrainHQ and leverage that excitement to drive community adoption 
  • How to use digital and in-person marketing to promote BrainHQ to your patrons
  • How to partner with other organizations and groups in your community to extend the reach of BrainHQ


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