Make it Child Safe

The importance of safety
Window blinds and curtains are just one of the everyday household objects that can present a hazard when in the hands of very young and curious children. It’s the operating cords and chains that pose a potential issue. A new European Standard for blinds and curtains that covers the safety of these products was introduced on 1 April 2014.

Why is safety legislation required?
The new European legislation includes safety standards that specifically target products with looped chains and cords. These products are seen to pose a danger of strangulation to very young children, from 0-42 months. Manufacturers and installers of these products must remove any loops that are part of the design of the blind or curtain as well as accessible cords and chains that it may be possible to form a hazardous loop from. Warning tags and labels must also be used to clearly communicate the potential hazard of these products. The labels will be shown on the cord/loop and the child safety device.

What does that mean to me?
Safety devices must now be fitted when blinds with looped cords and chains are installed into a home or any other premises where children could spend time.

There are two safety devices: To order free safety devices for your blind, please complete your details below. To find out how to fit these safety devices correctly, we recommend you watch the appropriate video.

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NB - for blinds with two different sets of controls like Verticals and Venetians, it is advisable to order a device for each cord or chain.
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Suitable for blinds operated using a beaded plastic or metal chain as shown to the left, including Vertical, Roller and deluxe Roman blinds.
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Please note, if you order too many devices the 4 devices you receive may not be your preferred choice.
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