What’s in IT For Me?

A career in IT is a great choice!


Headlines continue to highlight that IT is one of the fastest growing fields in the U.S. The timing couldn’t be better to pursue a career in IT because the job opportunities are endless.

And having IT certifications opens the doors to opportunities in a variety of industries! Ready to get started?

The resources below will help you understand what a career in IT means and how CompTIA can get you started in this exciting and rewarding industry.


•  Get into IT - Understand what IT is and how to get started
•  Career Roadmap – How do multiple certifications help grow your career? Find out here.
•  CompTIA Is Here, Where Are You? See how jobs in IT cross into many different industries, including fashion, film, medical and more!
•  The Candidate Experience – Find out what it’s like to take a CompTIA exam.
•  The Value of IT Certifications White Paper
•  Get IT - Everything you need to know about IT certification
•  CompTIA Certifications – See what certification is right for you.


CompTIA builds vendor-neutral certifications that measure real world skills. They show employers you have the knowledge to excel on the job, regardless of the vendor of the hardware or software product. Ask hiring managers why they regard CompTIA certifications so highly, and they’ll tell you it’s because vendor-independent validation of your technical skills matter a great deal.

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